We have heard all types of myths homeowners believe about their carpet. Here are five myths you should know about.

Myth #1: You should wait as long as possible to clean your carpet or rug. Many years ago this was true as shampooing was the primary method of carpet cleaning. Even today, many homeowners can receive poor cleaning jobs by low priced cleaners that soak their carpet, which can cause all of the spots to return days after the cleaning. As well, the carpet can be filled with residue, which will cause it to get dirty FAST. However, if carpet is cleaned correctly, it should be rinsed residue free and dried within 8 hours. Your carpet and rugs will last much longer and look beautiful after cleaning.

Myth #2: Your carpet and rugs should only be cleaned when they look dirty. Just like the sheets on your bed, your carpet is a fabric. Do you wait until your sheets LOOK dirty before you wash them? Of course not! Every day you are tracking grease, dirt, pollen, dust, and outdoor pollutants on your carpet and rugs. They are made to hide these soils very well. If you wait until it looks dirty, it will have an extreme soil build up by that point. Every carpet and rug manufacturer recommends professional cleaning at least every 12-24 months. If you’ve been using it for two years and it looks clean, it still needs cleaning to maintain a good appearance.

Myth #3: One method of carpet cleaning is as good as another. It’s recommended you choose a company who is experienced in all cleaning methods. However, there are important facts I have discovered. The dry-cleaning methods-which are dry foam, dry chemicals, carbonation, and dry compound do not rinse your carpet with water. Carpet makers for residential carpet rarely recommend these methods. Instead, they recommend hot water extraction from a truck mounted cleaning unit. Hot water extraction means a hot water cleaning solution, under pressure, is forced into your carpet and then sucked out of your home. The most widely used method for carpet cleaning is truck mounted cleaning. It works well, but has a drawback with carpet and rugs being left wet for too long. It’s best to use a company who cleans with steam cleaning and uses air movers or some type of forced drying mechanism to quickly dry your carpet.

Myth #4: Bleach is a good stain remover. First, bleach is NOT safe for humans. Furthermore, it isn’t good for your carpet or tile as it bleaches all colors. If your carpet has any nylon, the fiber will turn yellow. If the fiber is wool (as in a wool rug), the fiber will actually dissolve. Besides, pouring bleach on a carpet can cause the backing to separate which will cause the carpet fibers to fall out. DON’T USE BLEACH ON YOUR CARPET.

Myth #5: There is a space-age revolutionary stain remover that will remove any stain and odor in carpet. If you believe this, you’ve been watching too much television. True professionals carry several different spotters when they come out to clean your carpet. Each spot remover works better on different types of stains. As well, there are completely different cleaning agents used for pet odor problems. If there were one “all purpose” miracle cleaner, it would be sold to professional cleaning companies for $100 a gallon. However, it doesn’t exist.

Your carpet is an expensive investment. Educate yourself on how you can keep it beautiful.