Who says 419 scammers are only found in Nigeria?

In Jamaica, 419 scammers there make thousands each week from scams and use the money to buy powerful weapons for violence. The operation is centred around Montego Bay, the country’s second city on the north coast.
While many have lost their money to the scams, more than 1,200 people have lost their life to weapons bought with the scammed money.

“The lotto scammers won’t go themselves to collect the money. They ask
other people, and sometimes that doesn’t come back so they order a
robbery or hit, and it increases the amount of crime as there are
millions of US dollars involved in this flooding in every day.”

Detectives say they recently had to drop a case after an American
grandmother killed herself after losing nearly a quarter of a million

Scammers always go to hell, forever and ever.