Lorraine was scammed and “virtually robbed” by a scammer that appears to be based in Jamaica.

She was told that she had won $2million USD and a new car, and all that she needs to do was to send money to Jamaica to cover the “taxes” on her winnings.

The scammers, speaking with a “Carribean” accent, told her that she could only get her winnings if she continues to send more money. And she did, but pawning away her jewelry.

And after she has sent almost all her money, the scammers threaten to cut her throat.

In all- she says she sent 76 thousand dollars to Jamaica. Then, when she had no more money to send the calls became threatening.

“You better pick Up”, one caller said.

But then the worst where her life was threatened.

“Ms. Lorraine, you are not listening to me I’m going to cut your f—ing throat right now, ok bye,” the caller said on her voice mail.

She says, looking back it seems so obvious now… And knows the money probably isn’t coming back.

But she wants to warn others… So they don’t get scammed like her.

“Now looking back, I realize how absolutely foolish I was and I just beg all the women out there, If you get a call and they sweet talk you into sending money, don’t do it,” Powers said.

Mrs. Powers- who was a former marketing executive also says for anyone who has parents of a certain age and think they might be vunerable to something like this, make sure you talk to them so they are informed protected.

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