This is a weird scam. Whatever the case, when anybody says they are from Nigeria – forget it, they are scammers. Unless the Nigerian Government takes a giant step to stop this crime back home, we don’t give a darn about calling Nigerians = Scammer in our dictionary.

Nigerian scammers are Bastards.

Alton Clingan said that he often helps those in need, but on Tuesday, his good work backfired.While
in the Lowe’s parking lot off County Line Road, Clingan encountered a
man who claimed to be from Nigeria. The man said he had $80,000 and
showed Clingan several hundred dollars in cash. Then another man walked
up to them and said, “You need to put that money in the bank.”Clingan
and the two strangers got in his car and went to the bank, he said. The
second man wrote a check for $7,000 and went into the bank and then
supposedly came out with the cash.The Nigerian was still not
convinced that banks are safe, so Clingan decided to show him too. With
the man still in the car, Clingan went through a drive through at his
bank to cash a $1,000 check. The amount was too large, so he had to go
inside. Clingan walked out with $1,000 in cash. Meanwhile, Clingan said
the man was still sitting in the car, too afraid to go into the bank.“I
was trying to prove to him that a bank, a check was good in the United
States,” Clingan said. “He said, ‘Well, you can’t get your money out,
ever.’ I said, ‘Look, it’s just as simple as going in and showing them
a piece of paper.’”Clingan got back into his car and called a friend to come help him.“I
got off, looked down and there was my wallet,” Clingan said. “I picked
up my wallet and all my money was gone. They had gotten out (of the
car.) They said something about getting out while I was talking on the
phone. They got out and when I started looking, they were gone.”