This is for awareness. We have not done any research yet. Please see the following feedback from public regarding Shop at TV Network.

It does sound too good to be true. Although there are many reports on this, we welcome other comments regarding this.

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“I am a toy manufacturer and I wish to inform the public, particularly those involved in manufacturing products such as toys…to stay far away from Shop On TV Network. Everything they said in their email (below) ended up being completely false. Not only were “hidden fees” part of their money grabbing equation, but they way they operate their Shop On Tv Network really borders on the illegal- and their business practices are entirely unethical. Below is the email we received from Shop On Tv Network:

I was referred to contact you from our purchasing department. We are interested in buying your products and reselling them on national television.

DO NOT CONFUSE US with one of those video production companies who charges a $20,000 fee.

·We pay for 100% of the costs of producing the commercials

·We pay for 100% of the costs of the media buys

·We pay for 100% of the costs of distributing your product

Please contact me ASAP.


Stephanie Child
Research Director
Shop On TV Network


In the end, Shop On Tv Network are plain and simple scam artists and unethical. They are out to grab your money and run. When I spoke with them (after many phone calls and long conversations)and they pretended they were going to purchase thousands of pieces of merchandise, and pay C.O.D.–everything sounded great. Then the truth came. The fellow I spoke with, after asking me numerous questions, and took plenty of my time, finally managed to squeeze in that I “just” need to pay them $700 for a focus group to review my product to make sure it is suitable….Then before he had a chance to pile on all the onther hiddden costs, I explained to him that I don’t have time for pranks and that ended my conversation with him. Shop On Tv Network is is a sophisticated scam artist company looking to rip-off manufactures, and distributors. The tactics used by Shop On Tv Network is unsavory and unethical.”

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