Hi there, apparently there are Premium Financial specialists and stuff, but I could not locate such an entity called “Premium Financial Bank” either.

If its about awards and winnings and received via email, then you can forget it. An established entity would not send emails using free email accounts. There is a lack of professionalism and “credibility” if free emails are used.

It is hard to clamp down these scams, as the scammers can use internet cafes free public web access to send such scams.

Furthermore, scammers like to use new “entity names” these days, as the older names only return as “scam” all over the web. They are targeting newbies, not veterans or experienced surfers.

For readers, please watch out for these fake names and email address.


Subject: Premium Financial Bank
Question: Is there such bank in UK.  They make use of British Courier
Express but unable to contact the actual office.  Email use was

Actually, the world law enforcement should work together to clamp these

Can adv if this is new scam