We received a note:
“I am a contractor and received email from a
Reverand Smith about purchasing products and shipping them overseas. He
will pay with credit card before they are shipped. when i responded
with price quote i received a similiar email from a different Reverand Jones wanting a different product.”

Becareful about such an offer, as he is likely to be using a stolen credit card. If you are going to use your own cash to buy a product and send over, we would suggest asking for cash payment – preferably telegraphic transfer. Becareful of fake checks and stolen credit cards.

btw, we cannot see why a Reverand would approach a contractor to buy a product and ship over. Why can’t he contact the company selling the product to ship over directly?

Be careful when strangers approach you, asking you to be their middle-man to help them buy products on their behalf. There are various scams that use fake checks and stolen credit cards to trick you into thinking that you are paid. However, all they want is for you to use YOUR OWN cash before you find out that what they are fraudulent.