Subject: telemarket scam
Question: I was scammed by this company and wanted to warn others. Please
post so others are not fraud victims.
Thank you.

The company behind the phone calls that are selling these bogus products and scams is Impulse Marketing LLC in Pinalles park Florida. The telemarketer that calls you is not an actual employee of the company thatmakes, distributes or sells the product, they work for the Call CenterImpulse and their real reason for calling you is to sell you anotheroverpriced bogus product and get your credit card number so they can bill youmonthly and hope you don’t notice the charges.

By the time you figure out the products or services are worthless and that
you have been scammed, they have already billed your credit card and make
it extremely difficult for you to get a refund or credit back the charges.
They never divulge their company name of their contact numbers and when you
try to ask for the details, they just run you around and read off of
prepared scripts to divert your attention and get you back to giving up
your credit card information.

Some of the products and services these guys are selling are: Acia Trim,
Savings2Go, Aversil, Bromacleanse, Resveratrol Plus, Pure Cleanse, Colon
Max, Celebrity Whites, Profit Library at Home, Flex Protex, Make Money with
Google, Mount Fuji Tea Green Diet, Powerclear Acne System, Snow White
Cream, Thrive Learning, Twitter Money Maker, Travel Club, Shopping Club and
there are many more, the list goes into dozens more.

Looking up this company on the net you find out who the owners are.

Incorporated by Christopher Reinhold, Joseph A Montalbano, Matthew R
Argall, Impulse Marketing LLC is located at 13779 58th St N Ste 312
Clearwater, FL 33760. Impulse Marketing LLC was incorporated on Tuesday,
February 17, 2009 in the State of FL and is currently active. Gary H Baker
represents Impulse Marketing LLC as their registered agent.

They also have a website Impulse Marketing LLC Headquarters:
3985 Gateway Centre Blvd Suite 200 Pinellas Park, FL 33782
Telephone: (727) 210-4715
Fax: (727) 210-4721

A guy by the name of Nick Congleton says he is the CEO of Impulse.

There is lots of information about the scams Congleton is involved with all
over the net.

Google Nick Congleton.

Travel company owner calls customers complainers

Attorney General Sues Largo Company for Misleading Business Solicitations

Anybody else that has info about these guys and their scams post it here
and on other scam sites to warn people and don’t let others fall
victim to these guys.

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