Someone asked:


I had advertised some brooches on Craigslist. A person had enquired and ended up ordering everything i had on stock worth USD315. However, she only later admitted that although she was in UK she wanted the items to be sent to Ghana. (This raised the first red flag). I had insisted on a cash payment upfront prior to any shipment & requested for a local pick-up or COD. Her latest email states that she wants to send the money via Fedex hence requires a home address & contact number.

My questions are:
1. Does the fedex delivery team actually handle these kinds of transaction?
2. What would be the danger of providing my home address & contact numbers even though I know its most likely a scam?

This is part of the latest email.
“i would like to send you the money with FedEx Delivery Team to your country since it seems to me that you don’t have a paypal account” if you will accept the money be sent to your address by Fedex Please Send me your house address as well as your telephone number so i can send you the money first thing tomorrow morning..hope to hear from you soon..”


Firstly, Fedex Delivery Team does not specifically help to “deliver” money. They deliver whatever you put inside the parcel.

Ask for money order or wire transfer.

We doubt there is any real “danger” of providing your home address. But since you are suspecting that this is a scam, there is no need to send any information to them.