Subject: Micheal Pullman

Question/Comment: Is this person a scammer that you know of.  He has sent

merchandise to me and then sends lables for me to ship them. He has asked

me for money but has also paid my electric bill online also. I don’t know

what to think about him and how do i send pictures to you. He has also

given me gifts. I need to know if this guy is for real or if i need to be

wary of him. I need a response asap. He says his home is in Maryland but is

now in Ghana because his store burned. He has 2 children boy and girl 19

and 13. says he has been widower for 8 yrs.  have sent some money but not

alot but am not sending anymore. Please let me know about him.  His email

is michealpullman@yahoo.com

This is likely a fake name, and we don’t like to trust people who we met online and has anything to do with Africa.

Sometimes scammers know you are wary of them and will try to gain your trust by making the first few transactions real, before they go in for the bigger “kill” later. So a few good transaction up front does not give anybody a reason to let their guards down and go for a larger stake (i.e. transfer larger sum of cash). In the case above, he could be trying to gain your trust by giving free gifts.

We are fine without the pictures – we have learnt not to trust any pictures that are received online by whatever means, including well-known friends-website or emails.

In the above case, he could have used stolen credit cards to ship goods to a victim’s home, so that the latter can re-ship to him. If he sends check, becareful its a fake check.