This video tries to explain why most home businesses are scams, and why the scammers are destroying the hopes of people looking for real opportunities.

We also believe that if any business opportunity offers you say US$5,000 a month without doing working or simply paying up US$40 – $80 just to get started… just be careful. Since the deal sounds too good to be true, and assuming that 1,000 people fall for the scam within a month, the scammer will earn US$40,000 a month. That is almost a year’s pay for some people.

Before plunging into any business opportunity on the internet, it is wise to search the internet for posts and information regarding that website and their business. If the website is new and there are no information about it yet, it is still not worth the risk to be the guinea pig. We know that US$40 is not much compared to the potential gains, but this is exactly what the scammers are banging on. And since most of these are scams that don’t delivery as promise, most people will be skeptical towards other deals, including real opportunity.

Most real business opportunity requires the person to work hard in order to achieve the results. It is not impossible to achieve a passive income of US$5,000 or more, just that it is impossible to ‘do nothing right from the start’ to achieve that. If this is real, nobody on earth needs to work. Does that make sense? Some people learn faster but others just like to learn it the hard-way, up to 37 or 38 times.

Note that we are not affiliated to the business providing this video, nor do we endorse them. It is included here just for sharing.