Did you receive a check with your name on it for thousands of dollars?

If you didn’t sell anything, then don’t get too excited yet, as it could turn out to be a scam.

But if you sell something for $500 and you get an excited buyer sending you a $3,400 check, then you have to be careful as well.

In a fake check scam, scammers like to give a check with a high value – the higher the better. They will ask you to keep the $500, and then ask you to pay the balance to someone else (in most cases, the pickup boy, delivery man, shipper, etc). But since the check is fake, the bank will ask you to return the money, after you have sent out the cash to the “someone” who is also the scammer or an accomplice.

Smart people knows when to “smell a scam”. Its not rocket science. We prefer to call this “street smart”.