Some gentle areas of earth are able to welcome in peace peoples of many nationalities and language groups, who in turn are finding ways to live together. They have adapted to living amidst strange people, and if each respects the rights of the other they can get along.

Even while feeling they may continue, at least in the sanctity of their own home, their rights to live their lives as they have been brought up to feel comfortable with. And that is the central issue to us all, really: if we grew up in a polar area, or in a village in Africa, we still have the same inner needs and ability to become a worthy and respected member of the community we feel the need to join.

Some areas manage this better than others. We talk about one area of which I know, and of which success stories are happening now. This community is not heaven, but it is not the hell of many places on earth right now. These fortunate folk have learned to accept rather than fight each other even they they have a different God and faith and habits and smells.

They are becoming a team of a city, with more signs of living more loving, useful lives. We need to separate the rage from the larger social unit and can find that influence on our youth, who we always believe can learn our best messages, and then advance from there.

If you have any daughters, you will notice how, in their opinion, they passed you long ago up the evolutionary pole.This ever becoming better has been the ideal of America, and even in the Forbidden City in China, as we saw, the Statue of Liberty has defined free speech.

Such a welcoming model for free speech has been set by America. This is old new America to the world, really. And scientific studies shows what works best.

And to reach out and welcome each new child into the national or provincial or state system works best.

For a change here is an inspiring story of cooperation by ethnic groups who are living in harmony. They have found themselves creating a new west coast community. Richmond, the island city near Vancouver in Canada and less than 80 miles from Seattle in America, shows many good examples of peoples of different skin color living in harmony.

This is happening in contrast to rage and riots in France and elsewhere. Most Pacific coast cities of Canada and the west and south of the United States now find their previous Anglo city populations are of many cultures.

In particular Richmond, which had for decades a large population of fisher families from Japan. Now the Japanese are long gone, only seen in curio shops of artifacts from Japan. Now, more likely are peoples from China, with their curio shops. You can now buy a Buddha as known in Japan, or in China, both very different.

New migrants to America are more Latino, in Canada from Asia. In Canada and Richmond more than half of the population is now mostly from China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India and other Asians.

To the extent that now more than half the population of Richmond were born outside Canada: in fact of the 173,600 residents in 2006, 57.4 percent were foreign born. And the racial harmony has been remarkable in this city with the highest proportion of foreign born people in Canada.

Good news should travel just as fast as bad, little enough there is to embrace for some news days. Not this. Some people are learning to smile. We could too. Life is on going.