To watch the news from the middle east can be so painful. We can feel our hearts ache for those dying and being blown apart each day, we can despair, or still search for ways to stop the bloodshed. How we can best apply a kind and wise use of compromise and decision to create fair agreements that all can abide by is still nowhere in sight.

Perhaps it is near time that we all take one step back from their wall building actions, which do not seem to be working as hoped for. The Biblical or Koran version of the Old Angry Testament God of Eye for eye does give revenge.

But it also leaves finally a land of blind angry people with guns shooting at whatever moves. Until all movement stops. We seem well on our way to that route until wiser heads come in view. As the song was sung forty long years ago, so it applies again Our nation needs a hero, where are you, Joe Dimaggio?

Many of us see Joe in a blackish man with a white grand mother who talks to us from his heart on television these days and he does seem like a diamond, after our eight years of coal. Obama did not read the words of a speech writer who had created double speak policy plans with hidden trap doors such as No Child Left Behind. This bill was one of many that famously involved brutal, poorly thought out budget cuts to poorer districts, while they made richer the richest.

The sword Lyndon Johnson was handed to wave at mighty Vietnam had his Texan provincial ways stretched behind his capacity to do more any good Texan with the power will charge or defend any Alamo under attack. And so he rode us all off to defend Saigon, and what a war that was to change America. The irony is that after that shocking view of President Johnson build up to saying on live television to the world that he would not seek, nor would he accept the nomination of his party for president again.

And through 1968 the world went mad, and riots by the hippies in Chicago created a new higher moral order than simply a useless hippie was a yippie, or one who had been hit by a police billy club at Chicago. So, with all that back fighting, of course Richard Nixon was the next president, with his Secret Plan to end the war in Vietnam. That turned out to be bomb them back into the stone age, and then quickly leave.

So far George Bush only has achieved the first part of his obviously clever Nixonian Secret Plan. So, the question should be, now that we have their destroyed the most ancient civilization on earth, now when do we leave? Remember, helicopters on roofs, people loyal clinging but being kicked off.

And around then, by then, Lyndon Johnson had grown his hair straggly long, and had joined his tormentors. And then he died. And I wonder when George Bush does retire to his nearby Texas ranch, whether we may see him also evolve and age into one as looking not unlike Osilly bin Still Looking. He and OJ could join in a mutually helpful search, for the real wife killer and Osilly bin Ladin. They may be in a cave nearby. Quick,get Dick and his gun. Shoot first, we can always ask questions later.