A student of life, and well into the final third of my mortal life, one can hear one’s own folly and reckless statements, long since internally dismissed and distanced from, come at us from the mouths of others.

Whether it is listening, as long as I could, to a modern Ralph Nader who I and millions had revered for his vital expose of the fail safe failures of most American and other national automobiles. Ralph Nader was a virtuous noble figure who had been investigated by the auto industry, not for flaws in his argument, but in his moral behavior so they could attack him on.

At that time, his facts on their shoddy products was all too obvious to ignore, and his book was a sensation. We recall he only recommended two automobiles safe to drive in, a German and a Swedish car.

That was in the 1970 era and this man performed a massive good to the world and we all owe him our thanks forever on his changing our perceptions, and then our demands, until today, thanks for Ralph Nader we all drive far safer automobiles and have more safety issues and causes we all pursue to make life cleaner.

Now to now. Great men always create their greatest works early in their career, like Newton, and then became quite silly in their later years. Hello, there, Ralph. Having been out of glory for some time, your restless mind and attack mentality facing ignored solitude after that fame, has created, in my opinion, as putrid version of your early brilliance.

A shame, but you are not first, nor last, to achieve fame and glory inyour youth, come to feel beknighted but then ignored, found yourself a new Cause.

And then many liberal publications concluded that Ralph Nader has so demeaned his legacy that he has now slid down that historic pole that separates humble heroes from arrogant self important fools, and history has seen Ralph Nader move himself from a good to a foolish arrogant man.

That the world except Ralph and 2 percent of the American people can see this from the polls about the elections coming up, speaks of the same old, same old Ralph, long since senile but still dangerous and hurtful to any cause he may inflict himself on now.

We shall see, which hope and doubt this time, that he creates a hell on earth from his arrogant intrusion into a serious issue than his primrose purity of lunacy.

Ralph Nader hates but ensured he helped elect George Bush, twice, to harm America so deeply. Does Ralph Nader not see this, while history has already placed him as a fool who started but did not finish well. The New Yorker said this years ago, and I nodded. Now that I have a pulpit I will add that we need to be wise and see that our actions are not so self indulgent that we shoot our own while they shoot us.

That is your legacy, Ralph Nader, and for your information you are so unlike Lincoln who you seem to think you resemble, on emotional maturity you fail utterly. Lincoln has been seen as one of humanity’s finest examples of one who displayed the deep emotionally mature virtues. Ralph Nader is a hollow pretense of deep wisdom, humility, forgiveness, joy and savor what little that can be, those eight virtues that kindly people who live longest enjoy.

Good night, Ralph, please just sit down and shut up. If there really is a Pearly Gate and a St. Peter, Ralph, you just see if you can convince him better than you have convinced me and most of the world how you reserve In. If one vote counts, you are Down to Burn Baby, where you can prattle your useless harmful spittle to Attila or the Borgias on the flaming rack next to you.

In this view, Ralph, your obvious inner hatred of common people is as poison filled radiant as the man you say you hate but whom you helped elect.

This is my opinion, Ralph, in case you show to your many lawyers. Now to see if the computer freezes the system when I send this through. We have had Dumbo the Elephant run the zoo into wars and near bankruptcy, with the help of Ralph Nader, and we say enough. Bin Ladin long forgotten, but popular as never, hell all over, and Ralph wants more purity.

Do we have a Ralph Nader Design Straight Jacket With Puffed Up Performance Collar and Crown of thorns, and a sock for a foolish mouth handy? Or the next time some right wing station wants to fawn over you, Ralph, some advice to boost your audience, who feel they know about you.

Boring, retarded mind? Ralph, your rather stiff and lecturing performance to lesser minds everywhere as you sneeringly see it, could go over better if you placed a little red ball on your nose, wore baggy plaid clothes and floppy shoes. Then your words would make much more sense and be more easy to take in.

Ralph, if you work on that, baby, soon you are going to be up to 3 percent approval, easy. As part of your team of How Best To Ruin America, we are officially proud of you. Psst to readers: we really have lost all respect to our former hero Ralph Nader, so we are negative on Ralph, sadly.

But, Ralph, even though your thoughts smell of an overfilled latrine, we would love to book you on Who Hates America, you can be our lead performer, bring your serious frown. Bin Ladin may be a no show. We need honest, humble, dedication, and each McCain, Clinton and that other guy have it so over you that you really do glow with that red ball on your nose, Ralph every time you quack your lips together. You know how to quack your lips together, don’t you, Ralph? You just put your your beaks together and quack.