Is global climate change a real problem caused by industrialisaton or simply a natural change? A website was recently setup to state that the hysteria about climate change a scam.

“Mankind has a moral obligation to be a responsible steward of God’s creation for the good of future generations.  Protecting and preserving our earth’s ecosystems must remain a high priority for citizens of every nation.

However, we oppose the alarmist agenda employed by most global warming “evangelists.”  In many cases, their agendas are based upon questionable scientific data and erroneous claims about global climate change. They claim the “science is settled” when, in fact, it is not.  Scientists do not agree on the cause of climate change, the role of carbon dioxide (CO2), the degree to which man contributes to atmospheric CO2, and whether global warming is anything other than a naturally occurring phenomenon. 

Global climate changes have been occurring for centuries.  Global warming is most likely occurring today.  But there is much evidence to suggest that temperature fluctuations are part of a natural cycle of climate change, not man-made causes.  To conclude that man bears the brunt of the blame for rising temperatures is morally irresponsible and politically reckless.  Nature itself produces the greatest contributions to climate change.

The unproven ”solutions” being proposed by global warming advocates would ultimately cost billions of dollars to implement and there’s absolutely no scientific proof that these changes would have a material impact on the earth’s climate.  Most of the proposed ”solutions” are based upon massive government bureaucratic programs that will ultimately reduce personal freedoms and impose additional costs upon the citizens of all nations, especially those who can least afford it.  While man can take positive steps to improve some aspects of his natural environment, we must be wary of today’s grandiose claims that appear to be nothing more than a smokescreen for the intrusion of government on private property rights and the exploitation by special interests that stand to financially gain from government largess.

There’s a better approach to addressing the issue of global climate change rather than the campaign of mass hysteria being promoted by most of the media, much of academia, and many of the special interest groups that stand to profit from their “doom and gloom” pandemonium.  The best solutions for preserving our environment will come from private enterprise that truly drives innovation and new technology.  The usual expansion of government bureaucracies and their inherent gross inefficiencies is not the answer rather than more litigation and more government regulation.  If government is to have a role, it should be to reward businesses and consumers that take positive steps to cut pollution and improve energy efficiency.  Internationally there is a role for statesmen to reach out to foreign countries and encourage them to employ the best practices known for reducing air and water pollution.

At the root of the global climate change debate is an intractable claim on the part of those who would readily cripple our economy with new regulations and attack our personal freedoms with intrusion into our homes, automobiles and offices.  The claim is simply that the debate about the causes of global warming is over.  Any advocacy that restricts our first Amendment rights to freely speak to the issue should cause alarm for the defenders of freedom everywhere.  The debate is not over.  It is our duty to see that the debate begins in earnest on a solid footing of civility and real scientific investigation.”

The stand is that CO2 may not be the cause of global warming and that there are evidence suggesting it could be due to natural causes. And if the government would like to take actions, they should provide incentives rather than imposing policies that would restrict our lives or increase the costs.

We do not intend to discuss this issue in detail here, but we would like to point out the contradictions in the above statements. They should make their stand, do they believe that CO2 caused the problem and we don’t have to do anything about it, or to recognise that it is a problem. 

If they believe that it is a problem, then that is when the options of solutions come in – whether to impose rules (the hard way) or to introduce incentives to “encourage” enterprises to innovate and reduce pollution.

However, we agree with the statement that its everybody’s responsibility to take actions to reduce pollution.

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