About a week ago, I had the opportunity to revisit my old friend Dave over the phone. He was an old train-watcher, just like me. He was also an old senior citizen, just like me. I asked him if he’d photographed any good trains lately. He replied, “A few, now and then.”

A long time back in the Washington DC – Maryland area, there used to be some gold mining in Carderock Springs. About five years ago, Dave took to panning for gold in and around Carderock. I thought this was the dumbest thing he ever did.

When we last spoke, Dave told me he and his family had visited Austria and the Czech Republic. I knew (or so I thought) that Dave was living on crumbs, just like the lifestyle of my invalid wife and me. I was shocked to learn what he was really up to.

Dave had managed to accumulate enough earnings from gold panning at Carderock Springs to enable him to check out other parts of the country for gold panning. This allowed him to invest small amounts in gold futures. In time, Dave had established a nice income.

The lesson learned is this: Just like gold bits in a flowing stream, money on the internet literally grows at our feet. You have to learn where to harvest it. You also have to know how to harvest it. Despite all of the hype ads you see, money does not materialize out of thin air. Somebody has to make it happen. You are that somebody.

Here are a few “dos” and “don’ts.”

1. Always avoid spamming or putting your arms around deals you sense are scams. If there is anything that can torpedo your gold mine harvest, this can do it. As soon you have established correspondence with some reputable folk, you can judge who is playing the spam / scam game.

2. Recognize that there are thousands if not millions of users like you and me that are out there that desperately need financial help. Right now, I live off Social Security. I have a wife that is an invalid. I am still trying to get about without a car. I have two adult offspring that each day repeat the immortal words of Clark Gable in “Gone With The Wind.” (“Frankly ….I don’t give a damn!”)

3. Form networks of users like you and me that are in the same boat as in Item 2. Together, we can help each other. Going it alone or going it aided by spam or scam merchants …we can’t do anything.

4. Join network “friends” groups, but proceed with caution. The spammers and scammers are in control over there. We still might be able to harvest a network of friends there but I haven’t found the key that unlocks the door.

5. Start learning how to write and submit articles. Article submission is one of the hot buttons these days.

6. Be prepared for a lot of hard work which might be unrewarding at the start. Also be prepared to receive tons of junk mail in your in box.

7. Remember the words of Mr. Saburo Sakai, the Japanese naval air ace in World War II. He died in 2000 after surviving WW II and living to a ripe old age. In his twilight years, Mr. Sakai was a noted systems consultant for a software company in developing an aerial combat game. He lived by these words: “Never, ever give up!” I think the famed football coach Vince Lombardi said the very same thing.

May good fortune be with you on your harvest for gold.