The answer to cellulite reduction, unfortunately, does not lie solely in that fifty dollar bottle of anti-cellulite cream. If it were that simple, then the millions of us who hate the dimples simply would not have that concern any longer. In fact, cellulite must also be treated from the inside-out.

If you have severe cellulite problems and can’t get rid of it no matter what you try then you might wonder, “what is the next step?” Well, it is quite simple. Try eating a healthy diet and exercising as that is the best natural way to reduce your cellulite. I don’t see any cellulite on the people that work out at my gym.

Cellulite Reduction

There are some fantastic anti-cellulite creams, lotions and gels on the market. In fact, some come with cellulite reduction guarantees that consumers will see results.

These creams, lotions and gels, however, also come with the warning that diet and exercise play a factor in cellulite reduction, so for optimal results, all three must be considered. Also most creams and gels, if they do work will only provide a temporary fix to the problem.

What is commonly accepted among the plastic surgery community is that women have diagonal pockets of fatty tissue that are connected with fibrous tissue, and that as women gain weight, the tissue expands, but the fibers do not; hence, cellulite. Therefore, creams, lotions and gels are only partially successful in women who are not exercising and eating right. Sometimes, no matter the cost of the lotion, cellulite reduction just does not seem to happen.

Perhaps the underlying cause for this is that these patients are not treating the whole body; instead, they are hoping for a quick fix, which cannot happen with cellulite. Your skin is an organ, and like any other organ, it must be treated in its entirety rather than only on the surface. Consider the fibrous tissues are not on the surface, they are underneath, so treating only the surface is not going to be as effective as one might wish.

The next time you decide to treat that orange peel skin, try a whole body approach. Get into the habit of exercising regularly and stretching one to two times every day. Then consume a diet that is high in:

* Protein

* Organic Fruits And Vegetables

* Spicy foods (they increase your metabolism)

* Water

If you follow these recommendations, get off of the couch, and put down the potato chips, you should see a significant reduction in your cellulite problem. Your health, looks, and well-being are all a sum of how hard you work to improve yourself. Get motivated and get rid of cellulite the right way.