There are more scams on the internet than real opportunities of working at home is the number one dream of any parent and there are those who have succeeded in finding an opportunity for gainful employment from the comfort of their own home. They may greet their computer in the morning while wearing fuzzy slippers and they might find that they can think best after baking a batch of cookies.

They are not strangers to their mail carrier and their children know that mom is waiting at home for the school bus to drop them off. Yet while these few have succeeded, many more have been fleeced by the many scam artists that seem to be loitering about on the internet, offering get rich quick schemes and impossible sounding business opportunities. Do not be taken in by scammers but instead look good and hard at the various opportunities.

For example, how often have you seen the websites that have copious text, in varying fonts touting the various benefits of staying at home and working for yourself instead of a boss? While this may be good and well, have you noticed that these websites do not actually tell you how to do so. They want to sell you an ebook, starter kit or a host of other products to set you on the road to financial freedom but once you receive the product you ordered you most likely will not be any more able to support yourself from home than you were before.

Beware of the websites that do not state up front what the product or service is you would be selling. Often times their reasonably priced starter kit for $18.95 is nothing more than a ruse to buy their course, cd set or lead collection for $199.99. After you invest the latter, you may still not be a work at home mom but instead someone who has a lot of materials that have failed to yield any results other than higher credit card balances.

As a matter of fact, there is another twist to this scam. The posted bank statement or check. How often have you run across a website that freely acknowledges how careful work at home moms need to be before parting with their hard earned money? These sites will actually commend you for the great care you take before ordering their starter kit and it is then that they will attempt to prove to you that they are on the up and up by posting a copy of a commission check the site operator received.

It is important to realize that a newbie might be swooning at the idea of raking in a cool $1,000 simply by making a few phone calls or answering a few emails, yet reality dictates that the odds of this opportunity are slim. Very often these checks are simply another ruse to have an excited work at home mom pay more money for materials she might need in order to also reach that level of success.