While we cannot be sure if any of these free online lottery or paid lottery agency are scams, we are pretty sure some of them are spam traps. That is to say, they will keep sending you emails after emails just to ask you to join em.

Here are some popular mail headers from these spam, lottery emails:
From: Prize Co-ordinator
– Mr XXX: We have been trying to reach you
– Mr XXX OF XYZ Country: Urgent Delivery – Please Open Immediately
– Mr XXX: This shall serve as your official notification…

From: International Winner Alert [offers@freelotto.com]
– This message is for Mr XXX of ABC country
– Please Confirm that you are Mr XXX of ABC country.
– Mr XYZ: Private Documents
– Mr XYZ: Account Information
– Mr XYZ, We Urge You to Open This Immediately
– Mr XYZ, Seeking $1 Million Dollar Winner in Country ABC

From:]]> Winner Alert [offers@freelotto.com]
– This message is for Mr XXX of ABC country
– Mr XXX: Who is M.K. Basha? (<— this guys is supposed to be one of the winner…)
– Mr XXX: Who is Eric Prevost?
(<— this guys is supposed to be one of the winner…)
– Mr XXX: Marked for Urgent Delivery
– Mr XXX: Urgent – Time Sensitive – Recipient’s Name Confirmed
We tried to unsubscribe but it does not work .

Firstly, these spam emails are totally unnecessary and a waste of time to sieve.

Secondly, the headlines are so much like those popular Advanced Fee Lottery Scams.

Thirdly, when we don’t buy in the first few unsolicited mail, there is no point sending over and over again for ages because it will make us more hateful of these bloody companies.

Lastly, if you own a business and are thinking about using these spam email services, you might catch some fishes for a start but your company reputation won’t last long. It does not matter what you sell, be it VIAGRA crap, STOCKS, LOTTERY, OEM pirated softwares, Replicas, etc,. THEY DON’T SELL and WE WON’T BUY.

And we don’t care if you like what we write here, and if you choose to spam us more. We are already receiving thousands a day (for collecting scam mails, not spams). So you can send us spam mails about your company, but beware that good legal companies certainly do not want their company names to appear on HOTSCAMS.Com in the wrong category.

It will be very damaging to you and your company but if you join spam services,  we really don’t give a shit if once your name appears here in the wrong category.
Thanks for reading.


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