Thinking of starting a new business?

There might be various was of getting the funds legally. However, if you received an unsolicited email granting you a large sum of money for no reason, you ought to be careful rather than being “pleasantly surprise”. This is another form of 419 Scam, where the scammer will ask you to pay some “fees” before you can get the “funding”. There is NO real funding and all they want is to rip you off.

A note that you must NOT trust any email address where the mail originates. The scammer can fake any email address, just like the one below, which appears to be from “clarion.edu”.

The real scammer email is commission.org.eu@live.co.uk

This is a free email address.

Also note that all the names stated below could be fake. We are very sure that “Katherine Campbell” is a fake name.

—–Original Message—–

From: Katherine Campbell [mailto:s_krcampbell@clarion.edu]

Sent: 08 May 2009 01:31 AM

To: undisclosed-recipients:


European Commission

Enterprise and Industry DG

Communication and Information Unit/R4

BREY 13/ 092

B – 1049 Brussels (Belgium)

Released: May 2009.

We bring to your notice the decision by the board of trustees of The

European Union to choose you as one of the final recipients of a cash

grant/donation for your own personal, educational, and business development

(SME funding).

To promote growth and creating new jobs in the European economy, we are

giving out a yearly donation of £402,000.00 (four hundred and two thousand

pounds) to 10 lucky recipients who have been selected from over 25,000

websites all over the globe, as funding/aid from the European Union,

European Commission, and the United Nations in accordance with enabling acts

of Parliament.

Please contact paying office (England)

Name: Claus Haugaard

E-mail: commission.org.eu@live.co.uk

Remember to quote your identification numbers. Find your identification

numbers below:



Note that these numbers fall within your location file.

Thank you and accept my congratulations once again!

Katherine Campbell

Information Officer and Coordinator,

Scottish European Resources Network