Some people are still blinded by their greed, and always hold on to their hope that “this wonderful deal is going to be real.” There is no free lunch, and if you are inexperienced (i.e. e.g., not a 419 scam baiter), never reply and “see how it goes”.These scammers will try to talk you into believing that its “real”, and if you don’t believe it, then cancel it – all sorta rubbish when the whole story is FAKE.

Always assume that you are no smarter than the other fool that was scammed every week or month. We have thousands, or rather, the Internet has Millions of warnings about such emails and yet people still choose to fall for such a scam.

As far as we can understand from his emails, he has transferred money from his retirement funds and even borrowed money from his friends and relatives.

This is just one of the emails. If you need an exact email as a proof, that the email you received is real, then you are doomed to be scammed because not every website keeps the most updated copy that is circulating.

In this report, the scam victim from India has lost the following money in this scam (all in Rupees):

Mailing Charges – 10,200.00
Conversion Charges – 10,300.00
VAT 7,000.00
Other Charges 8,000.00
Transferring Charges 28,000.00
Apart from telephone charges up to 12,000.00

Last but not least, after you have been scammed, you can forget about all hopes of seeing that money coming into your bank account. Don’t ask us how to recover that money. The best cure is to prevent this from happening.
———- Forwarded message ———-
From: Ecowas Donation Grant


I am not trying to fool you my friend, its obvious you are not understanding me here, let me repeat myself, the money you paid into our brokers account was not confirmed, the account was in-active and I mean freezed or closed. Hence, any money that was supposed to be credited into the account, will be returned back to the depositor, I am very convinced that the money you paid into a closed account has been refunded back to you.

Since you do have a friend at the ICICI Bank, I sugest you check with the account history or know more details, I am not trying to be rude here, I am only doing my job and its important I follow all policy.

The RBI sent a notification to our office this morning and said if you are not ready to proceed by adhereing to the instructions within 48 hours, it will be better you quit this transaction, cause they will canceal it.

If you are ready to deal with this, its better you pay the Rs 8,000 and we all be happy and this transaction may come to an end, but if you are not ready to deal with this please do stop calling me and report to the police, if necessary.

I hope you understand my motives here.

Warm Regards

Mr. Alfred Williams

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