Below is a quick list off my mind. So if you have serious business to contact, please do not use these words/sentences or we would mistaken it as a scam mail.

If anyone is designing a database solution to screen off 419-type scam mail, this would probably be a good list of words or phrases to check up before sending the mail to the junk or block it completely.

Changelog, Jan 30, 2010: Added the title “Barrister”. Can the scammer think of something else???

1) From the Desk of XXXXXXXXXX

2) this may come as a surprise to you…

3) it was brought to our attention that…

3) Promotion

4) Awards

5) In Conjunction With

6) urgent

7) immediately

8) immediate

9) get back to me (call me call me…)

10) next of kin

11) deceased… accident… abandoned money… bank account…

12) Beneficiary

13) Barrister

14) do not tell anyone, not even your dog.

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