We have heard how the President and Fed is pumping money into the banking system to try and save some of the big companies.

The scammers are using a fake “stimulus package coming your way” method to try and scam business owners and even elderly people. They would either go for money, or attempt to obtain bank and personal information from the victims.

If you received such a scam, please report to the authorities or to ic3.gov

“The stimulus scams range the gambit from illegal ways to sell magazines to blatant theft attempts. Here are a few of the popular schemes from scammers:

* One e-mail offers a “free stimulus check” but directs recipients to a link peddling magazines or credit cards. The gullible are falsely told they need to buy these things to get a check.

* Another con sends consumers a phony “stimulus check” but then the con “marks” are asked to call a toll-free number where they are asked wire money from their own account to get information on how to obtain foreclosed properties.

* That “$12,000” big check we’re supposed to get from the feds as a result of the stimulus — it’s a scam. Sometimes these scams come as “warnings” from the “IRS” claiming retribution if you don’t fill out and return personal information. Don’t fill it out. Instead, report it to law enforcement.

One of the worst, most despicable scams preys on the elderly. The con artists use the stimulus package’s $250 payment to Social Security recipients. The scammers ask for the person’s personal financial information, and then take everything from their bank accounts.”

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