Toxic Jewelry

There was a similar news sometime ago with products from China. In this case, the report points to Rhode Islands. The chemical is Cadmium, which is worse than lead. It is known to be a carcinogen (cancerous) as well as a neurotoxin. The company that sells this has gone out of business.

Experts say it’s toxic, it can cause cancer, and can hinder brain development in children. The metal is cadmium. It’s found in things like children’s jewelry from China. Now it’s being pulled from store shelves in Rochester.

“I think it’s horrible that they’re selling stuff like that for little kids,” said Diane Carpenter of Gates.

No one seems to like the news. Experts say children’s jewelry sold at Wal-mart, Claire’s and the Dollar N More on Mount Hope Avenue in Rochester is dangerous.

“This is much more dangerous than lead. It’s a carcinogen besides being a neurotoxin,” said Judy Braiman of Pittsford. She’s a consumer products specialist and helped with a new study on cadmium in children’s jewelry.

“It’s a substance that is a heavy metal, and it’s extremely dangerous,” Braiman said.

She bought some Rudolph the Red-Nose Reindeer charm bracelets at the Dollar N More in November. They may look cute, but the cadmium in them can cause cancer and hinder brain development.

“It’s very serious. If the CDC list it as number 7 as one of the most hazardous substances in the environment I have to pay attention and everybody should pay attention,” said Braiman.

The charms on the Rudolph bracelet were measured between 82 and 91 percent cadmium. Those are extremely high levels and lab test results prove it.

“Children don’t have to swallow it or eat it,” said Braiman. “They can just suck on it or even bite on it and they can be exposed.”

Braiman also found a pin at the store that had high levels of the toxic metal. Jewelry containing cadmium was also found at a local supermarket.

At Wal-mart pendants from “The Princess and the Frog necklaces also contained cadmium. They have since been taken off store shelves.

“I know that it’s out there in the community,” Braiman warned. “I know that it’s been purchased already. So they’re probably using it and being exposed to it.”

If you have any of this jewelry, return itdon’t throw it away. It can contaminate ground water so stores will have to dispose of them properly under U.S. Environmental Law.”

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