We received a report about a scam concerning http://www.ebasisbay.com

Visitor wrote:

U can check this URL –> http://www.ebasisbay.com/ListingDetails.asp?lid=7835


I’ve order one laptop from them. And they stop communicate wif me after I paid to them


This is a computer trading website, where anyone can post and sell computers and related products. Apparently, the site is just a platform for the trading, and does not offer 3rd party escrow or protection for buyers. And unlike eBay, it is risky to buy from a “stranger” who does not have any sales record and/or belong to a company. So there is no way for the buyer to trace the seller unless he has the details like phone, address, etc.

If payment has been made, perhaps the easier way is to trace the buyer’s bank account – report to the police and see if they can help.

Becareful who you are trading with on the internet. Scammers are known to exist everywhere for years, and we do not think the statistics have ever gone down.


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