Yeah, we received this mail about “The Strike Force” and the capture of the “Chief Scammer”.

And wow!! They recovered US$6.4 Billion dollars from these scammers!!

And wow + Wow!! If you have been scammed before, you can send a note to that email below and ask for your money back! Isn’t that great!?

This is a classic masterpiece, and we have the IP address captured. We are waiting for the copycats from other anti-scam sites to copy the mail below before we publish the IP of the sender.

(P.S. If you are still confused about this mail below, we summarize by calling it a SCAM.)


From: fraud alert [mailto:fraud_alert@orangemail.es]
Sent: Friday, June 15, 2007 10:05 PM
To: fraud_alert@orangemail.es


Suite 24 GLass House Towers,

No.5 Beckly street,

Off Bode Thomas Surulere


Telephone: 234 8083 4799 45 



This email contain information that is not confidential and may be privileged.
It is for the general public notice if you have received it and it does not apply
to you forward to friends and relative this email might be helpful to and be
watchful when you receive any of the scam emails mentioned in this email or
come accross such impersonators as mentioned in this email.

Following the arrest,prosecution and conviction of the
worlds greatest scammer Chief Emmanuel Nwude after he attempted and
successfully duped/Scammed a brazilian bank (BOETRICO BANK OF BRASIL) a total
sum of $242 million united states dollars that further lead to the closure of
the bank in brasil.  

These syndicates have confessed to have scammed/duped over
320,000 people worldwide through various forms such as credit cards scam,false
or fake inflation of government contracts scam,inheritance claims of some dead
persons in a bank or financial institution scam,Fake lottery programs ,loans
,top serving government officials scam and ex government officials
scam,Disaster scam ,crediting of account scam and all these nefarious
activities done under false pretence from all across the globe impersonating
goverment officials and financial institution officials from any country in the
world they also confessed to have been doing this things and changing from one
form to another within the past twenty years. These group operated and are
still operating with local and foreign names impersonating people from
different countries of the world.      

The federal government has sold most of his assets and the
assets of some of his syndicates accross the globe these properties which where
located in choice areas of the world while so many of his syndicates are still
declared wanted.Also huge amount of various hard currencies such as
Dollars,Pounds sterling,Japanese Yen,Deutchmak where also recovered from him
and his syndicates in cash at different locations when they where rounded up by
the police and the federal government of Nigeria has through its agencies
frozen all known bank accounts of the kingpin and the arrested syndicates both
local and abroad.

Following the sale of this properties ,frozen bank accounts
and cash recovered the Federal government of Nigeria has recovered a total sum
put at over $6.4billion united states dollars from this man and the arrested
syndicates numbering about 475 persons while so many of his syndicates are
still at large and still operating from different locations on the globe.

Following the recovery of over $6.4 Billion dollars
recovered from this criminals the Federal government of Nigeria has inaugurated
a 7 man committee special Task force named the STRIKE FORCE headed by renowned
HJ. Abdulahi Bin Jafar from Saudi Arabia to look into genuine
reported cases scammed by this syndicates and compensate each genuine case with
85% of the total amount they lost to the convicted syndictes based on the
amount recovered from the syndicates if there claims are genuine.

Please the general public should note that this compensation
only applies to those scammed or duped by this syndicates within the last
fifteen years and is based on first come first serve system,

Genuine claims of scammed or duped individuals who suspect
that it is this syndicates mentioned in this email that duped or scammed them
under false pretense should be reported here by sending an email to this email
adress  fraud_notice@yahoo.com
or calling on telephone numbers above for your case to be looked into by the
strike force.