There has been so much coverage of the Rich Jerk and the “scam” in the past month. The question is how much better is this scheme as compared to so may other “get rich quick” schemes on the internet? When was the last time when you were ever told to purchase an eBook that teaches you how to get rich or that passive monthly paycheck? When was the last time when someone called you over to their house for a social gathering, that eventually turns out to be a product marketing session? When was the last time someone stopped you on the street and ask you to attend a sales presentation to get free gifts (time-sharing)?

There are several other reviews on the internet that would offer you direct feedback on Rich Jerk and the internet. HotScams would offer a differing views of these schemes and how to assess them.

(1) Would anyone actually offer you secrets of how they get rich, when the method still works for them? Would you? What if you invented a secret algorithm 100% BETTER than google that can make you BILLIONS (not millions) in 5 years, would you share that for US$49.95 per ebook of the code? Try asking Brin and Page, and if you don’t even know them, u are really new on the internet.

(2) If the answers above is STILL a yes, we are quite sure that the marketing is none other than affiliate programs or multi-level marketing. These programs may work, BUT it depends on your website. And note this: You are just one of the thousands of nodes planted below that Upline of yours, just to help him generate the sales. If you REALLY don’t mind signing up a MLM, then instead of selling products that you don’t get to see upfront, we would rather recommend signing up a friend with those established multi-level marketing company such as Amway or Sunrider with long history and established systems.

Don’t ever think selling online “passively” is easy, and high traffic always mean high sales, because it depends on how the traffic is generated. Someone diverted to your website by spam or redirections or webrings may not be interested in buying anything at all.

Back to the Rich Jerk reviews, instead of directing you to specific scam pages, we would teach you to type “therichjerk scam” on the google search and see what you get. Likewise, to find out if anything else is a scam and being discussed on the internet, simply type

“keywords” scam