Searches on the internet have skyrocketed for the best list of home based businesses because of the current economy. Looking for additional income and setting up a business at home to make money online shows great foresight.

Beware when searching for a business to set up at home to make money online because there are many MLM companies currently marketing on the internet. They all sound good, but they all have one major flaw, they recruit people to sell that usually do not have any sales experience.

The next thing that happens is your up line will begin to apply pressure that you are not talking to your friends and family or getting out in front of enough people. You then try to train more and begin to feel overwhelmed and usually give up with mountains of product you were required to purchase. You feel like you failed but at least you can use the product.

Is this how a business at home to make money online is supposed to be?

No, there are many excellent opportunities, even the one you failed at was most likely a good opportunity for the right person.

If is not your fault it did not work the way you thought it would!

You were basically hired in with no pay and no experience and told to go sell hundreds of dollars to your friends and family. Targeting your family is not the best of home based businesses, it is not even a good one in my opinion. First you only have so many people in your family and I want to sell much more than my family could use of any one product. The other problem is you can easily alienate your friends and family this way.

The way to success in a home based business or even just to make easy money online is to have someone to work with that will give you the experience that you need.

When you learned to drive a car was there an instructor that was experienced at driving. Can you imagine if someone had given you a car and said go drive on the expressway in rush hour traffic? It would have been very difficult if not impossible.

This is the same thing.

When you look for the best home based businesses always investigate the type of training that you will receive and how much it will cost in addition to the required monthly auto-shipment. Personal training is worth so much more than just written examples.

You will know you have found a good mentor if they are concerned about meeting your needs and will agree to work with you personally at no charge. When they make you successful they in turn will become more successful.

So next time you are searching the internet on how to make easy money online or for the best list of home based businesses, remember the best home based businesses are not in the list, but in the mentor. The best mentor can show you how to set up multiple streams of income, not just their one MLM opportunity they are trying to sell.