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We are delighted to find a “Scam Recognition test” at McAfee Advisor. It is a great tool to test if you are easily fooled by phishing site, also your anti-scam knowledge. One of the important skill used is to check the URL, because that is what we recommend here. In fact, we recommend that you type in the domain name yourself esp. for sites that carries sensitive account information, e.g. paypal, bank accounts, etc.

The test by McAfee also test our ability to spot the language and grammar, e.g. the following will not be found on real sites:

Your account will be limited ! (exclamation with a space)

Please login with your e-mail address and password !

Because of unusual number of invalid loing]]> attemptes on you account, we had belive that, their might be some…

I tried it out and scored 7/10, one of which I forgetfully ticked the site which I knew is a scam. But the following was wrong, first one due to over-confidence (I knew the answer… damn it, but I wasn’t thinking), and the second one I should have thought carefully about it. No matter how knowledgeable we thought we are, we always need to be alert.

1) One good way to protect yourself from a phishing attempt is to check the sender’s name in the “From” field of an e-mail to see if it is the name of a legitimate institution.

2) An SSL certificate ensures that a site is genuine.

We recommend that you try out this great test!

Take the McAfee Challenge Here!