Due to some other commitments, we are slowing down our postings for another week due to other works/commitments. We still have quite a number of backlogs of scam mails, but they are generally the same (esp. advanced fee scam). To date, we have probably listed “billions of dollars” worth in scams under the advanced fee and lottery scam sections.

We also noticed some “sarcastic” remarks on some of the scam reports, probably because some feel that it is so obvious (a scam)]]> and common. These people probably do not believe that anyone would actually fall for it.

If you have read the news, either on our site or over the internet, people are getting scammed almost every day or week. Phishing scams, for example, are not new. But that does not mean everyone are as educated or exposed to the “wilder” part of the internet as you are (yeah, we know that you live and breath the internet air, not the normal air we breath on earth).

That is all for now.