We know everyone is so desperate to make money online, and one of the bad thing that has happened to mankind is the creation of spam emails. Such a tactic has become so widespread that foreign languages are used without regards to whom they are sending the emails to…

Getting the mails from non-English European countries have been quite common… but to get one from Iran?

Iran Spam

If the scammers from Nigeria and South Africa can take their time to write (or rather, trying to write) in English to scam the world, I think lawful companies shouldn’t be too lazy to do the same.

Hey, spams are NO good. But if you want to send something, make sure that it is readable, understandable by the audience and has something worthy to read or sell.

I do read spam or unsolicited mails from time-to-time, but to get spams in the following category is wasting everyone’s time.

  • Spams selling illegal stuff, such as piracy, porn.
  • Spams selling health products (quality issue).
  • Spams trying to push up stocks prices by giving a fake forecast.
  • Spams in foreign (esp. uncommon) languages, or messages which cannot be understood.
  • Spams sent for phishing, scamming, cheating, etc.
  • Spams]]> with virus, backdoor trojans, etc for hacking.

Other than the above, spam mails really isn’t that bad provided that they send, say a few times, with some worthy content or products to sell, then stop. Don’t you ever receive unsolicited physical brochures, pamphlets etc in your home mailbox (I mean the real physical mailbox outside your house), or even the tiny paper slipped underneath your doors to try and sell you some stuff?

Well, I hate to remove those papers, but sometimes it is interesting to read (and I thank them) because it can be a source of information. For example, someone selling houses or cars could slip the latest offers or promotions. Short of digging the newspaper for information, these adhoc “spam” sometimes save a bit of time while we are busy with our life and failed to notice some of the good things going on.

So, our call is this:

If you want to send spam, we are ok with it. But please send properly written emails with readable content, correctly telling us what you are selling, and making sure that the products are LEGAL.

And Ofcourse, make sure that it is in the proper language. At least something that we can translate easily using Babel Fish.

Geezzz, why doesn’t Sony spam us with emails selling Xbox at 75% discount… I will buy that for sure… forget that it is a spam… just spam me more!