We managed to get a screenshot of the visitors to our site here at hotscams.com over the past one month. Though we are considered a smaller site as compared to some of the anti-scam giants out there, we are quite please with the geographical coverage and reach.

Let’s see (looking at the picture below), we had visitors from almost all countries in America, Europe, and Oceania, except for a few. Asian visitors are great too, including Japan (WoW), Taiwan and South Korea.

Surprisingly, we have no visitors from a relatively larger percentage of countries in Africa. Visitors from Nigeria is about 70+, but we had no visitors in]]> the past month from Chad, Central African Republic, Mauritania, Angola, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Zimbabwe. We know the reasons for some, but they will not  be mentioned here as its not related to scams.

In summary, the visitors came from a total of 127 countries/territories. Anyway, this is just to share the likely geographic distribution of people who have received scam mails or letters based on our site, and not intended to be used as an indication for anything.

Visitor Map