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2 guys by the name of Muhammad and McBride, were caught dealing in a series of Craigslist
scams where they sold replica items and boxes of rubbish
designed to look like expensive electronics. The report states that the scam occurs in Fremont(US), but are investigating if they are linked to similar scams elsewhere.

What I would call is that it is a “cheap skate” replica or fake product scam. Most replica sellers are selling expensive-item look-alike, but at least they work. They are cheaper because the design has been copied and produced elsewhere cheaper. The only concern is the quality.

What makes this pair interesting is that they are selling fake and replicas that do not work at all. They built flat-screen TV set using bricks and woods decorated with black film, silver foil tape and Best Buy literature. That is what we call a “backyard home factory”. What a joke.

Hey, that reminds me of those household electronics model which we find in the furniture stores. They simply paste a picture of the LCD screen, video players, etc. on pieces of cardboard so that the Prop can be used to enhance their furniture showroom. But they ain’t selling those props, so you cannot buy from them (in case u are wondering).