The other day I mentioned about the guy who was scammed 37 times, now
there is another gullible guy who is slightly worse. He has 38 times
and as usual, he recommends 2 (TWO) that is supposed to work.

The following are some screen captures of the “I was scammed X times and these 2 works”.

For investments: Commonsense would say that there is no free lunch, and money does not
grow money without any solid investment product in question. It is not
about how much you can make, but to be convinced about “how the guys are going to use your investment money make
it and the risk involved”.

Low risk, low returns. And high returns are usually associated with high risk. Where there is no real investment product
involved, then it is a Ponzi system that is illegal. You can read more
about Ponzi on Wikipedia or our website. Simply put: “Hey! Invest $1,000 and get additional $500 back in a week ya?” Well, it is lucrative, and everyone jumps in the queue. The scammer simply passes a portion of the money from the latter “investor” to the earlier “investor” to fulfill the promise. There is no investment product in question. Ok supposed if there is an investment product indeed, then there are plenty of factors to consider, e.g. track records, nature of product, etc. Investment is all about Risk Risk Risk…

As for those selling money-making ebooks/websites, I am not saying that their
products or ebooks are fake, but many people are selling common sense
stuff on ebooks to the less knowledgeable ones. Most of the answers are
probably found free all over the internet, it is just that their
knowledge/info provided might save you some time learning from scratch.

In any case, caveat emptor – I didn’t buy anything from these
guys but I just find the urge to respond to the marketing technique.

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