We received a tip-off about websites promises hope of high returns
through “High Yield Investment Program”. As usual, scammers will make
use of your weakness, e.g. need cash to pay off mortgage, etc, to lure
potential victims to invest 30 – 40k of money in an investment scheme
that promises high returns within a short period of time. This is in
fact a Ponzi system.

What happens in a Ponzi system is that the scammer will take the money
from new investors to pay the earlier investors. By doing so, it makes
the earlier investors think that the high yield investment program is
real, and hence the investors would help to spread the news around
(virial marketing). This will bring in new investors who would then
contribute money to those just before him.

There is a news report at US-Observer, about Gary Holmes who targeted the elderly folks.

“Holmes and his team of crooks prey on anyone (preferably elderly) through websites, organizations, churches, or any other means possible. Once they get these people’s attention, they start using swift sales skills and “God” as a motivator. They rake in their pot of gold by promising them that they can pay off their mortgage in as little as two years if their new client invests around 30-40k into a high return investment program. Holmes uses some of his new investor’s money to pay his clients mortgage payments just long enough for this new client to spread the news about this seemingly wonderful program, allowing Holmes to suck in many more referrals. The waiting game then starts, which consists of motivational emails using religion as a means to tide everyone over long enough for Holmes to steal as much money as possible and for him to plan his escape. Even after clients get upset, Holmes uses confidentiality agreements and the fact that if they get authorities involved that no one will get their return, which causes most to stop dead in their tracks. By the time someone contacts authorities, the Holmes crew has already moved on to another group, another program, another scam.”

US Observer – Elderly Couple Swindled

This is what some called Confidence Trick. They promise high returns, and they make sure that they “appear” to pay what they had promised – for a short time. Eventually, such a scheme will collapse because it will grow too big and impossible to carry on with what they had done earlier with few investors.

When any website promises you high yield investment plans that are too good to be true, it probably is. Do no trust websites, or even when your friends tell you that they have found a deal that really works. According to history, none of such schemes really work and they are all scams.

Setting up a website with a page like financialhope.info is so cheap these days. A scammer can setup a scam site like this with less than $50 investment. This is the dark side of the internet, so stay away from these scammers.

Attached is an email from FinancialHope.Info wrote in their email, which is likely involved in similar scheme, and nonetheless a scam. Do not send any money or sign any stupid agreement. If you have an urge to sign confidentiality agreement for fun, we can help you with that. However, please do not believe in any crap and bull shit story from people offering rubbish deals. Anyone can offer you this deal, so can we! But it is ILLEGAL.

There is no easy way to make money!

—– Original Message —–
From: Financial Hope
Sent: Wednesday, May 13, 2009 3:24 PM
Subject: RE: Financial Hope!


Following our meeting, herewith the instructions for getting started…

1) Start your educational journey by reading the entire www.financialhope.info website, make a list of questions, then over the next few days get them answered. But if you are too curios, just register for a webinar on our website and read the website afterwards. If you do not have access to a computer and the internet it will be almost impossible to be successful with Financial Hope! Please take whatever classes or instruction needed to; send and receive emails, open Word Docs, read Adobe PDF files, register for Webinars, and use Skype. Skype is the quickest way to communicate with us, Financial Hope Administration and fellow members. There is no cost to set-up this service. It provides instant messaging, VOIP phone calls, free PC to PC calls and conferencing worldwide. We use Webinars to share visual and audio content. You can purchase a head set with an attached microphone, headsets are available under R150.00 and provide you opportunity to talk with others attending the Webinar. The headset will also eliminate feedback and background noise from your environment when un-muted during Webinars.

2) Plan to attend a Financial Hope Webinar as soon as possible. At present they are conducted Monday mornings (11am Pacific/2pm Eastern/8pm Central African Time) and evening (7pm Pacific/10 pm Eastern), check the www.financialhope.info website under category “Webinars” for the registration details.

3) Submit your “Vow of Confidentiality” (attached to this email). Please fill it in by typing on your computer rather than by hand, then print it out and add your signature by hand. Scan and email the completed form or fax to the number that is listed on the “Contact Us” web page. All instructions are provided on the website. Please also email a copy to me at financehpe@gmail.com, or fax it to +27866565282.

4) After review and acceptance of your completed form you should expect to receive your welcome email, it will list six websites for your review, your private, personal invitations to the Financial Hope Basic Training Webinars and your Super Saturday Webinar invitation. Please plan to review all the websites as they are an integral part of your educational journey. Also plan to attend Basic Training Webinars as soon as you can.

5) After attending a Basic Training Webinar and reading the listed websites you should now be in a position to decide how you wish to proceed with our programs. There are several options and we recommend that you start at the highest level of involvement presently available to you by both your time and money. Submit your Project Request Application with your starting requests. (This will become clearer once you have joined)

6) Create a www.paypal.com account. This will be used for all transactions under $1000.00. PayPal can use either a debit/credit card or a verified bank account for electronic check privileges. Transactions over $1000.00 you will use Bank Wire instead. NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to join, only to receive blessings.

7) Send an email with your Project Request Application to financialhope@safe-mail.net attention Eddie, include suitable times that you can be available for a “gotomeeting” appointment. You will need to include your phone numbers, email address, Skype address and full name in this email. Eddie will contact you to schedule suitable times for your enrollment, as this is a two step process and will require two appointments.

8) When you have completed your enrollment you are then able to refer your personal contacts for enrollment also.

9) Review the “Steps to Get Started” page to build your membership TEAM. Buddy up with a fellow member so you have a work partner to build your TEAM. If you do not have someone to work with then please let us know and we will assist you in finding someone to apprentice with.

Great success in all that you do with Financial Hope, we are here to assist you and can be reached during normal business hours. The fastest way to reach me is by Skype at “indz28” as well as Gary “mrsovereign”, go to www.skype.com to set it up now! I will get back to you as quickly as I can. Thank you for your continued interest and participation in Financial Hope!

Do not feel overwhelmed by what you need to set up. This will be a life changing experience for you and your family and well worth the time en effort you will be putting in to join us on this incredible journey.