It has almost been a year since I last posted. Someone just woke me up saying that there are broken links on the site. That is ok, it is meant to be broken. It just doesn’t look right to be too perfect these days, its too good to be true.

As expected, scams have continued to rise almost everywhere and we are hearing the same old news that folks are getting scammed every other day.

Basically, the methods are the same and these are still around:

  • General: The offers are too good to be true + confidence tricks + you feel greedy = SCAMMED!!
  • Ponzi and HYIP: Ponzi in various forms (e.g. gold investments), take the second person’s money and pay the first person. Wow! No wonder they can promise you high yield. The 2nd person is paying for your “returns”, and so forth. Better jump the boat fast as you’d never know if you are last person before the boat sinks. 
  • 419 Scam: Asked to pay a small sum of money(fees) to get a larger sum of money (LMAO, no brainer)
  • Job Scam: Asked to pay for anything in return for a confirmed job (I thought you are supposed to get paid for a job?)
  • Dating Scam: Asked to send money to your beloved strangers somewhere, far far away. You have not met him/her, have you… so what on earth…?
  • Lottery Scam: Just buy from the local state-owned Lotto shop. Everything else is a scam.
  • Ecommerce Scam: Lovely puppies, fake Pandora sites, fake checks and all those failure-to-deliver. If the value is too high, using escrow could be safer.   

However, this news is not about these scams as they are widely covered in our website.

Instead, we are happy to share with webmaster’s that there is a great website out there that reports all the emails used for email spam. If your forum is configured to approve the registrants manually, you can use this website to check if the email is blacklisted. Otherwise, good luck.

Stop Forum Spam

P.S. We are not related to the site.