Hello, someone forwarded several emails with attachments to us. In case if you are genuinely trying to help submit scam reports and mails, our advise is that you don’t have to send these “pdf or picture attachment” mails to us.

We are not worried about such mails but we find them useless and we cannot post them here. Most of these mails are empty less the attachment, and we will not post the file here due to security reasons.

The advise from most sites would be to delete such mails. And for years many online companies(including ISP) have advised their customers not to click on links on suspicious email and open attachments (including PDF, PNG, JPG, DOC, XLS,extensions etc). Such scams are not new but are targeted at new users. Veteran internet users usually yawn and delete such mails because we have been seeing them for years, including the evolution from documents, to pictures, and adobe PDF files.

The more recent attachments are “Software Patches” scam. In particular, we would like]]> to warn Not to download any patches for your browser. That is the most important thing, Not to do. Always download directly from the source. If it is Windows, visit Microsoft.com. If it is Firefox, visit GetFirefox.com. As we have said countering such threat is as easy as countering phishing scam. Simply visit the original site that “email” you, and login to check your account.

Scamming can be a complex process… when you login to your account, we hope that no one with access to your PC has placed a KeyLogger in there to record your typing.

These days, 419 scams and lottery scams (with merely advance fee transfer) is a very simple and cheap scam. In more complex scams, one type of scam can lead to another, but this issue is off-topic.

Ok, please don’t forward those empty email with file attachments. We are not concerned about ourselves since we already have plenty of such mails each day.  However, we would like to save your time – just press the delete button and go on with your stuff. You will get used to this, and you can help by passing it on.