Selected scams in the news

Ex-CFO Charged in Options Backdating Scam
The former chief financial officer of network security products maker SafeNet Inc.
was indicted on securities fraud charges in connection with the alleged
backdating of millions of dollars of employee stock options grants….

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Police Bust Poker Scam In Private Room At Borgata
According to investigators, the men set up video cameras to peek at
players’ hands then relayed information by radio to their accomplice at
the poker table.
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Water Treatment Scams in Florida
…the tests performed by defendants always
show a need to purchase a water system
. The test is a scam, created
solely to sell products.

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Grade-for-Cash Scam!
More than 30 students and former students face charges in an alleged grades-for-cash scam at a Northern California community college.
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Phone-in Credit Card Scam
While waiting for a phone call to collect medicine from a local store, a young man call up Hamilton to tell him that the medicine is not available in the store. And he also told him that they will need his credit card number over the phone to secure the medicine….