In reality, spam emails are similar to the good old days when we receive unsolicited sales/marketing faxes and brochures. The only difference is that clearing spam emails incur time, cost (anti-spam software) and resources, while the latter is a waste of paper to print out those sales faxes. And unlike faxing, sending spam emails are free and can be done quickly and efficiently to thousands of recipients with just a few clicks.

We do not recall the pain of receiving sales faxes, but it is truly a pain-in-the-ass to receive poor quality, and similar spam emails over and over again everyday. In most cases, we can barely make out what they are trying to sell, e.g. stocks/shares investment, pharmacy products, casinos, illegal softwares. And most of the time, the links are dead because the sites are illegal. These activities are a waste of time for both the receipient and the seller, while the only person that really benefits from it are the spam service providers. Yes, we are refering to those spammers that offers “to deliver your website” to 28,000,000 email addresses. I know everyone has seen these in their mailbox, but we feel the urge to post here to show how stupid spammers have become… if a nice looking website cannot get me to buy the products, let alone such stupid, repetitive email that is wasting precious bandwidth and time.

btw, this one links to a warez website.

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From: xxxxxxx xxxxxxx
Sent: Tuesday, February 20, 2007 7:15 PM
Subject: [Norton AntiSpam] High-quality programs will improve your work


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