Although there are many scams going around, not many people will bite
the bait everytime. The point is this, the scammers don’t need to have
a good respond, but what they need is just one or few out of the
million to fall into the trap. Let’s say 10,000 victims were selected,
after which say, only 100 responded. During the transaction, probably
another 95 decided that “whatever” they are going to do is risky or
smell the rat, and dropped it off. The scammers still have 5 victims,
who are willing to pay, say an advanced fee of $10,000 each. That would
be $50,000, or one year’s pay for a middle-income earner. Well, if that
sum of money is not good enough for you, it is good enough for a

Then again, we ask who are these 5 victims, or the 100 potential victims who would respond to the scammers? Since you have found our website, or those in the same cause or alliance, you are unlikely to be one. But I know, some of you out there would hope that these scams are not scams.

Profile of a Scam Victim
Type 1: You are likely newcomer to the internet, and you have not heard of such scams.
Type 2: You are in need of money, and was hoping to find a cash pot on the world wide web and make it rich quickly.
Type 3: You have been hoping/dreaming of winning a lottery or being offered a sum of “free money”. (You may not in dire need of money)

(please feel free to comment, so that we can update the list)

Type 1 is basically referring to the ignorant or ill-informed group of naive internet users. We can expect all sorts of people to exist in the world, from a scammer to a person who is naive enough to be scammed.

Type 2 and 3 is referring to the human weakness or “need”, “want”, “dream”, etc. If you are in dire need of air (e.g. you are drowning), you will grab anything that is above the water hoping to get out, only to find that it is a redhot ironrod that burns your hand so badly, and sends you back to the water even deeper.

This explains our observation why some of those who received such emails are still asking or rather, hoping that someone would tell them that “it is real”. They are the ones who might make it into the 100 out of the 10,000, if their greed or desire overtakes their common sense. Whether or not they make it into the top 5 to become the victims would depend how much of each Type are they.

In life, we cannot avoid falling into the trap of Type 2 and 3. However, we can help to educate our friends and love ones so that they would not be a Type 1.