Finding a legitimate online business to be involved in these days has proven to be harder than it used to. With the increase in online business scams, you really need to put in extra effort to avoid falling into their traps. In this article I will touch on some of the ways you can apply to reveal and avoid business scams online.

One of the most obvious scams that I see online are businesses that claim to make you thousands in the first week or the first month, but surprisingly these offers attract the most responses. Look, the rule of thumb is well, for me at least. If they seem too good to be true, then they are too good to be true and the more reasons why you should be cautious about them.

Here are a few steps you can take to avoid being scammed. On that particular online business opportunity website, go to their “About Us” page, then look for their business address and check if they are valid. Call them if their contact number is listed. You are also checking if their contact number is real at the same time. Find out who their investors are. Where their references and testimonials come from. Ask questions like do they really exist? Are they reliable sources you can trust?

Good legitimate online businesses normally offer free training. Most include training manuals and online video tutorials to go with. Marketing tools such as banners, squeeze pages and high converting sales letters should be readily available to their members. There must also be a good support system or a support team standing by to answer queries and questions that members have.

You should be cautious if they ask for a deposit from you to start your online business. Legitimate home businesses online normally don’t ask for advance payments. If they do it would for upgrading your membership status to receive better benefits. For example to receive a higher commission, gain access to information normal members don’t and so on.

There’s another rule of thumb that I would like to share with you. That is if you find particular online businesses that are being promoted by most popular sites or internet marketers, those are most probably safe businesses to promote. If you want to be even more certain, post questions in online forums. Bad apples are revealed in forums most prominently.

After you have chosen a legitimate online business to promote, monitor for a few months if its commission payments are prompt. Check whether it delivers that have been promised and most importantly, listen to your heart, to your gut feeling. If you are comfortable with them and seem promising, go all out promoting it.