woman scams another out of close to $1,000. Here’s how police say she
did it. The victim, who police say is an elderly woman, was shopping at
the Hamburg Meyers when a woman walked up to her and showed her a bag
full of cash, or so the victim thought. “It was a large sum of money.
It could have been some real money on top and below be some fake money
on top and below be some fake money to make it look more than it is.”
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the case, police say the elderly woman bought the story, when she was
told by the suspect that someone had dropped the bag of cash in the
parking lot and ran off. The woman told the victim she’d split the
money with her, if she’d drive her to her job at Circuit City so she
could check with her boss and make sure it’s okay. “What she does is,
goes into the Circuit City, comes back out a few seconds later and says
my manager told me we can split some of the money with you but we need
to go to the bank and get $900 out for a processing fee for us to keep
this money and we can split it with you” says Lexington Police.

brings us to the surveillance video. The suspect is seem leading the
victim into her bank at the Bryan Station Kroger. What you can’t see is
the victim taking out $900 dollars. She gives the money to the suspect,
takes her back to Circuit City, and never sees her or the $900 dollars