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The sender did not include the link to “reply” to the scammer. Again – we tried our best to translate, but we are no professionals and we are not responsible for the translated content. Despite that, it still smells like a scam.

Original Message From: “Colon” <support@firstcosupport.cd>
Sent: Sunday, April 15, 2007 12:23 A.M.
Subject: Labor Proposal Vacant Espaa Estimado/a

It is proud to us to put to us in contact with You and we are thankful to him by your time. We requested that our labor proposal reads with some attention. As you know, Collections Colon and is one company formed in 2003, Berlin, Germany and we operated with antiques and valuable objects of art. We are agents registered for negotiations, certification of valuable antiques.

Our main activity is to take care of the consultations of our clients, to advise them and to attend like intermediaries between salesmen and buyers. 

We set out to operate with markets of other regions of the world. At the present time, we counted on the tools necessary to increase yours collection of antiques and objects of art. We invited it to know and to enjoy this catalog in our Web site. – http:// coloncollections.com/-

Our labor proposal: We needed representatives in Spain to receive payments of our clients and suppliers. Our Department of Marketing says the volume of sales in Spain is too low and at the present time, to open to a branch all, is not to our reach. With its aid, we will be able to begin to expand to us little by little and to grow together. We did not guarantee onerous sums of money nor a rpido ascent within company, but if, we offered a safe use, our absolute honesty and transparency in commercial relations.

At the same time, we demanded to our employees responsibility and honesty, that are fundamental pillars of ours company. We looked for in the aspirings both virtues and now we have the pride to summon it to you to join our staff, to be able to fulfill our goal to expand for us in Spain.

Requirements for aspiring job seekers:
– The use of Windows is requisite fundamental (to be PC operator).
– Handling of tools of Internet, Personal computer private Mail (electronic mail), MSN (Messenger), Icq, etc.
– As far as the time availability required, it is 1 to 4 hours 
– Telephone, and to reside in Spain or Canary Islands.

Let us reiterate that in Collections Colon we offered a labor climate here where to find transparency, safe use of average day, important remunerations daily, responsibility and honesty. Characteristics that we practiced give to gives in our trajectory of 3 aos in the market. This is not a trick that it requires to pay money to postulate themselves or to pay honorary to begin to work.

You do not need to invest initial capital, nor previous experience. Simply, we propose a true work to him of 1 to 4 hours of its
daily time.

Description of the functions: When integrating itself to our labor equipment you to represent Collections Colon in Spain. His function is administrative and we offered all the necessary tools for him. As we described to him in the previous mail, You to receive money the first one gives of work. We maintain that its time must be operative and productive, for that reason, its training is left in charge of ours company. During this test you will receive payments of our clients or suppliers that soon to inform to our regional one in charge. We will contact ourselves using email and/or by telephone to explain to him and to acompaar it step by step in his first one it gives of work and training.

Wage: In its first one capacity gives of training to receive telephone technical support of the personal criminal. We will pay 250 to him? Euros by each operacin successful during the first month of use on approval and as of the second month this sum to increase depending on its desempeo. Any doubt or consults, we are at disposal within the 24 hrs. Contact by mail or telephone with our sector of Human Resources that to respond its restlessness to him to the brevity. In Collections Colon we maintain that the time must be taken advantage of to maximum and his diposition is considered and repaid by our part. I invite it to comprise of the team of “Regional Representative” in Spain, to continue with the development of the old art and to obtain our objectives with renewed energy. If one is interested, to ask for form by answering this mail or to unload it of the following Link. Please envie its telefonicos numeros: (Domiciliario and Movil) asi we contacted it in case of entering seleccin of aspirings. Without another individual, it greets it kindly.

Brown Silvia Seleccin Suction Collections Colon