Greek ancient democracy grew into old Europe, the tight cluster who began all this forging a United States of Europe did this at the insistence of America after 1945. Germany and France had bankrupted each other several times in the past century,, time to stop this red ant and black ant madness.

Even so, it was the core small Benelux three who first frightened Germans and French when they took down border patrols between Belgium, the Netherlands, and Luxembourg. For quiet long months the world watched and did not come to an end.

To test their power, each of these three original inner Club put tight border controls on France and Germany to show they were still alert to not allowing terror into their club. This so frustrated trade and commerce, and so impressed the German and French leadership, that they hesitantly agreed.

Besides, German barge traffic was backed halfway up the Rhine waiting to be loaded onto sea going ships in Amsterdam. David had Goliath over a barge barrel and Goliath said uncle. And Germany and France first set up strong defenses against their other nearest neighbors such as Spain,Austria and Poland.

Only then did they dare open their borders to allow people to get on a train in Paris and travel to Amsterdam, switch trains and be in Berlin for dinner and no passport shown, as I have done in amazement.

It became clear that those inside this new Club were now prospering as their commerce and people traded and traveled and shopped, as if going between Baltimore to Boston, state boundaries of no concern.

Elders such as I who recall war and us sending famine relief, care packages for the starving people of Europe are the most impressed as they pass from tiny Holland into mighty German and do not have to salute or click their heels.

And the shops of Berlin are exciting and lively, and different than those in Paris that we saw last week. So these modern Teutonic knights and ladies may work in Estonia, shop in Rome or Paris, take the Chunnel under the sea for fun to London, winter near Carthage in north Africa, and leave their passport home.

Not yet, Salladin, but your turn is coming. If Europe helps these new citizens and sees they prosper at home, and they will, they can come in careful lots, hopefully after we have gotten a science degree into you.

This new part of Europe would be helped by grants and from the job many a dad will get at some new wing assembly supply plant for a new Euro aircraft or some prospering plant in Europe keen for the cheaper labor.

This march of the wealthy center has lifted Ireland, Italy, Spain, Greece, Portugal to a generally high standard of living, and oft-decried regulations for health to all. A civilized Europe is aware that during the dark ages after the fall of Rome that the Moors in Spain kept the knowledge of civilization alive.

Granada and other cities in south Spain were safe havens for many from Jews to Christians, particularly those of intellect and talent. This brave but wise inevitable reaching out is a wondrous possibility for this oft bloodied area. The mind can soar and imagine.

Leonardo da Vinci designed a bridge for the Sultan to cross the Bosporus at Istanbul. This would be the mighty expression of faith and goodwill between east and west, Europe and Asia in a magnificent bridge.

I have seen a model of that bridge when the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit came to our museum: it is exquisite and simple, like the top half of a diamond ring it was to bridge that gap. It did not happen, wars, disputes, got in the way. There is a bridge there now and while it has that general shape it was not the bridge of Leonardo.

But hark. With this new news that the Roman Empire will join with the Teutonic Knights and Visigoths and Vandals, may as well include Attila so Hungary and ‘Finland are happy. And that Salladin. Well, being a Turk, we will probably twitter and twitch and then some day hold onto our trousers and let them in. But as for north Africa, now that is news.

To see European Euro grants pour in would be as predictable as turning on a money tap over here. Building things would begin at once, new jobs, more confidence. Look at the Baltics and the smiles on once grim faces. This will require many huge leaps of goodwill and forgiveness for the rash reactions of some.

Most envy the rich, and all want in. This could begin quite a new democratic super nation, that might just keep evolving. Perhaps if Alexander had attacked west, we could have arranged this in 230 B.C.E. But then he might have burned down Carthage too, so here we are. Great position.

So how about this: when the likely first candidate, Morocco applies and is accpted, that we place the bridge meant by Salladin and Leonardo to bridge differences. How beautiful it would be, and what a way to get a sun tan is to talk to Louie at Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.

Meet you at the casbah. Where is that, anyway? Well, it will soon be a part of Europe, or we of it. What will they call this new nation? The name Pakistan is a collection of each area; they could do that.

But fur will fly and the word crusader will come out if it is to be EuroAfroAsia. No, how about The United States of Salladin and Hannibal and Caesar and Kaiser and Wenceslas and Kings all the way to Reindeers. Much Better. What about the Eskimos? Sell them a refrigerator.

We have a nation to build.Do they ever, and we applaud this amazing brave step when all such a party could gather in one tent and no blood be spilled. Even as we hide and duck some times, it may be that a better world is coming yet. Little Greece, who started it all, is in the east middle, and should be very proud of when she began to allow plays and free speech. Bravo. They perhaps should be first over that bridge to Casablanca.

You know that is ‘White House in Spanish. Move the capitol to Rick’s Place. If he can play if for her, they may play it for us.

Peace is a five letter word in English, we may need to print it in 26 languages even now to drive border free around in Europe, let alone bringing in those characters from Rick’s Cafe. It should be great adventure, invigorating. Be careful, practice your stop drop and roll just in case. Bring Alexander along: he started it all.