I want an IPAD!

These scammers are using keywords on their websites to saturate the search engine results and get a high ranking.

Just buy from known sites, and don’t trust funny looking domain names.


Interest in Apple’s iPad tablet is likely to spark a wave of online scams in the coming weeks, according to security experts.

Attacks have already begun to appear, including search-engine poisoning attacks designed to direct users to attack pages.

Security firm WebSense reported in a security alert that attacks began to appear within hours of the iPad’s unveiling. Specially crafted sites have been loaded with keywords in order to appear on Google searches for terms such as ‘Apple Tablet’.

The company noted that many of the sites redirect users to attack sites that attempt to trick users into purchasing and installing fake anti-virus software.

Symantec also warned users of attacks playing on the interest in Apple’s new device. The company said that cyber-criminals will try to defraud users with fake retail and promotional offers for free or discounted iPads.