We received this:

Subject: delete my profile
Good day! I saw my profile on different scam sites and I do not know how my photos can appear there…I A NOT A SCAMMER!!!Somebody use my photos and not just photos and my friends think that I am a scammer.

I do not answer for this people and I do not want to have any problem in the result of it and I would like that you delete my photos and profile from these scam sites.

Yours]]> faithfully, XXXXX

I think you are referring to other scam sites which we do not have any control. We do post names but not the photos. I do not think you would need to worry if someone uses your names, because there is almost no way of controlling and enforcing that. We are getting used to seeing fake names all over the web, and you are not the first.

Secondly, scammers can easily get pictures and names from online dating sites. They are billions of them to choose from. This will likely be another popular scammer tactics and people will get used to not believing who they are communicating with are in fact the person with that name and picture.

In any case, if this bothers you, you can let us know which website is posting your name and photos, and we will see if we can contact them to get it removed, or post a clarification here.