This is in reply to an email from a site visitor who says:

Subject: winning notification
Question/Comment: I recieved an e-mail from Microsoft team advising me I

had won 600,000–United Kingdom money. They went into some much detail and

gave out several reference numbers. I thought Microsoft was a very

upstanding company. During these difficult times it is already hard to put

your trust into a company. I wish this was a legimate  lottery so many

people could believe in the contest and have a reason to keep supporting


For me, I am on workers comp and have been for 6 years after a serious

work related injury working as a paramedic. The people who work for EMS

aren’t working for the pay, It’s the love of helping people ¬†and therefore

helping humanity as a whole!

Getting somone like me excited about paying my bills and keeping a roof

over my and my childrens heads, and food to eat, which we don’t qualify for

since I make more than $600 from workers comp.

If it up to me I will never do business with microsoft again for the

multi-million dollar rip-offs that the poor and needy get scammed.

Thank you for my Merry Christmas

The fact is that the emails saying that you have won a lottery isn’t from the organisation or people whom the email claims.

It may say “Microsoft”, “Yahoo”, etc, but in fact these are the names used by the scammers to make people believe that the emails are from these organisations. The scam mails and lotteries are Not from these organisations. Microsoft did Not send that scam mail to you or anybody.

Bless you, and have a wonderful Christmas! Cheers!