We received a report yesterday that contains two attachments about this
scam. The picture of Bill Gates was used as the background in the
letter – a stupid thing to do. It reaffirms our claims that scammers
are scammers simply because they are stupid and do not have the right
skills to survive with a normal job in the society. Scammers are pests
and insects. Hotscams.com is the insecticide.

Back to the part where we claimed that scammers are stupid. First they did was to place the face of Bill Gates as the background of the letter.

Secondly, their “Winning Numbers” make me laugh my ass off : “Winning Numbers 887, 13, 865, 37, 10, 83

887? There are more than 800 numbers in the lottery? Does the scammer know statistics?

What are the chances of winning 6 numbers out of 45 numbers? 6/45?

Wrong, the way to calculate lottery is to calculate the probability of winning 1 combination out of 8.145million possible combinations.

Lottery System:
6 out of 45 numbers: 8.145 Million combinations
6 out of 50 numbers: 15.890 Million combinations
6 out of 55 numbers: 28.989 Million combinations
6 out of 100 numbers: 1.192 Billion combnations (lottery does not exist)
6 out of 500 numbers: 21.058 Trillion combinations (lottery does not exist)
6 out of 900 numbers: 725 Trillion combinations (lottery does not exist)

1 Billion is 1,000 Million (1 thousand million, 10 to powers of 9)
1 Trillion is 1,000,000 Million (1 million million, 10 to powers of 12)

The probably of winning 1 out of 725 trillion combinations is so negligle that you can say it never happens.

I just want everybody to know how stupid these scammers are.

The attachments are as below.
Bill Gates

Scam Form

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