Beware when your bank or credit company calls to ask for your personal information. It could be a scam. The best way is to contact the bank or credit company directly (using the original numbers or mail) to verify, rather than replying directly to the calls or email received. It won’t just happen to MDCU, but any bank or finance company!

In the latest scam involving MDCU, customers have received e-mails
stating the credit union is implementing a new security system to
protect customers, but in doing so it had to deactivate access to
customers’ card accounts. The e-mail tells customers to call an 800
to reactivate their accounts and take advantage of the new
consumer Identity Theft Protection Program.
Customers are asked to reveal personal and/or account information when they call
, according to MDCU executives.
Minniear urges customers to keep this in mind: “Why would the credit
union contact you and ask you for information we already have,” such as
account, Social Security and credit card numbers?